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The Indigenous Anglican Sacred Circle is the national gathering and decision-making body for Indigenous Anglicans in Canada. Since 1988, First Nations, Métis and Inuit members of local Anglican churches have gathered every three years to talk about our spiritual lives, past and present experiences, our hopes for the future and our relationships with the Anglican Church of Canada.

The tenth Sacred Circle is a virtual meeting beginning with the Lighting of the Sacred Fire on the evening of Wednesday July 14th, and ending with the extinguishing of the Sacred Fire on Saturday, July 17th. The theme of this Sacred Circle is  “Returning Home: Remembering the Lost”.

The Sacred Circle Logo is by Dixie Bird, from Montreal Lake First Nation.

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The opening and closing of Sacred Circle, along with plenary sessions, will be streamed live on YouTube via the links below:

The Sacred Fire

Note: at times the video feed is unavailable. When this happens a pre-record of when the fire was lit will be played.

Recordings from Sacred Circle