A message from the Primate on the retirement of Jim Boyles

On Monday, March 21, Archdeacon Jim Boyles, who has served as General Secretary of the General Synod for 12 years, announced his retirement effective July 31, 2005.

As General Secretary Archdeacon Boyles has served as the Chief Operating Officer of General Synod and Church House Staff. In that capacity he has guided us through some turbulent waters with a steady and supportive hand. The committees of General Synod owe a deep debt of gratitude to his remarkable knowledge, his close attention to detail and his respect for process.

As one of the most senior General Secretaries of the Anglican Communion Jim has earned international respect, most recently as a member of the International Response Team for the Windsor Report.

Nowhere have his skills and his non-anxious presence been more tested and appreciated than in matters concerning litigation arising from Residential Schools, and negotiations leading to the Settlement Fund. I am happy to report that he has made a proposal that he be under limited contract to continue some of this work following retirement.

Jim is a welcome and familiar figure across the Canadian Church that he loves and serves so well. I am enormously grateful to him personally for his guidance and support for me as a new Primate, and for his willingness to stay beyond his earned retirement date in February to see me settled in.

It is my intention to appoint an Acting General Secretary to serve during the process of selecting a successor.

Andrew S. Hutchison
Archbishop and Primate

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