Anglican Book Centre offers online shopping

By Diana Mavunduse

After three-years of development, the Anglican Book Centre (ABC) has launched a new website, ABC On-line.

The new site provides an active e-commerce service and gives customers a secure on-line ordering tool that is user friendly. Customers can track the status of their orders on-line.

ABC On-line also includes cosmetic changes and features aimed at making the site user-friendly. “It is more modern and cohesive than before,” said Dan Graves, ABC retail sales manager.

“ABC is not just a bookstore, it is more like a religious departmental store, and we have tried to emulate that on the new website,” said Mr. Graves, adding that, ABC On-line complements all the other services provided.

Initially designed in 1998 then known as “ABC Spot light”, the website has gone through a number of modifications, but this new site is visually different and more interactive, said Jian Kang, ABC systems administrator.

The website allows customers to browse through an inventory list of about 25 000 items, that includes books, music, vestments, clergy shirts, icons, church furnishings, gifts and jewellery, among other items.

Pictures have been posted to the site so that customers can view the product they are purchasing. “For example, if people want to purchase clergy shirts, they can choose the colour they want, the size of the neck and sleeve length,” explained Mr. Graves.

Customers can also subscribe to an email list to receive a newsletter informing them of new merchandise and sale items in the bookstore.

Another addition to the site is the staff recommendation section, where ABC staff give customers their expert suggestions on books and other merchandise.

The website remains a work in progress. There are still some sections under construction. “We expect to have everything updated before the end of the year,” said Ms Kang.

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