Anglican Church of Canada launches new Gift Guide

The Anglican Church of Canada is pleased to announce the launch of Acts of Faith; A Guide to Supporting the Ministries of the Anglican Church of  Canada.  The gift guide is a joint initiative of the Departments of Philanthropy and Communications and Information Resources, and represents an unprecedented collaboration amongst all of the partners and charitable entities within the national church; bringing them together in one fundraising vehicle for the first time.

Acts of Faith tells the story of our Church’s many ministries in the service of God’s mission in Canada and throughout the world” said Archbishop Fred Hiltz, Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, adding, “I hope people across the country will enjoy browsing through this guide and that they will find a particular ministry they would like to support in a very special way.”

Since its establishment in 2008 the Department of Philanthropy has been working to redefine the meaning and methods of giving for the Anglican Church of Canada by instilling a theology of philanthropy and by developing innovative approaches to the church’s philanthropic work.  The new gift guide is one such example.  Dr. Holland Hendrix, Executive Director of the Department of Philanthropy says that a critical success factor in this cultural shift is to strengthen the ACC’s invitations for financial support.  Hendrix stresses that the national church should not assume that Canadian Anglicans understand the scope and breadth of its ministries and says “we need to be very intentional and specific about how we communicate with our loyal supporters — there is danger in our growing comfortable and complacent.”

Acts of Faith will be circulated to all households currently receiving theAnglican Journal and will be inserted in the April issue.  Work is currently underway to develop other distribution streams for those who do not receive the Journal, including an all-parish mailing as well as an online portal for the guide.  At the present time, a downloadable PDF is available by visiting and anyone interested can order additional copies of the guide by contacting the Department of Philanthropy by email at

For more information please contact:

Michelle Hauser
Special Initiatives Consultant
Department of Philanthropy
Phone: 416-924-9199 x 326

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