Anglican primate uses webcast to set out priorities

Archbishop Andrew Hutchison, Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, speaks to Anglicans about the issues that matter most to him at the outset of his term of office in a webcast to be posted on the church’s national website ( Wednesday, Oct. 13 [2004].

The webcast, entitled +Andrew: Conversations with the Primate, will be the first of regular such conversations between the Anglican Primate and members of the church.

Archbishop Hutchison, former Bishop of Montreal and Metropolitan of the Ecclesiastical Province of Canada, was elected Primate, or national leader of the Anglican Church at its General Synod last June [2004].  He is a new Primate, he notes, at the outset of the implementation of a new plan for the work and mission of the church.

High on his list of priorities, Archbishop Hutchison says in his webcast, is better communication at all levels of the church and with society at large.  He notes that he has already heard many people talking about “disconnects” between General Synod at the national level and local churches, between the church and society and society and between different parts of the church.

The webcasts, he says, are one instrument he will be using to attempt to “bring more people into conversation”.

The webcasts will consist of downloadable segments which will be posted at  and which people may view whenever they wish and as often as they wish.  A few days after a segment has been posted, a transcript will be made available for people who wish the text of the Primate’s remarks.

People wishing to respond to Archbishop Hutchison or to ask him questions may do so be emailing  In subsequent segments, Archbishop Hutchison will engage members of the public and of the church by responding to these emails.

Archbishop Hutchison becomes the first national church leader in Canada to use the power of the Internet to speak to members of his church and the world.

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