Augsburg/ABC merger almost complete

The merger of Augsburg Fortress and the Anglican Book Centre is almost complete, with only a few legal and technical details remaining.

Augsburg Fortress Canada is a non-profit ministry providing resources to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada; the Anglican Book Centre is a similar ministry serving the Anglican Church of Canada.

This week, the new Augsburg/ABC entity is strongly represented at the Anglican Church’s General Synod and the Lutheran National Convention being held several blocks from each other in Winnipeg.

Several months ago when the Anglican Church of Canada announced a new structure for the Anglican Book Centre that included the closing of its Toronto bookstore. Augsburg Fortress approached the Anglican Church to talk about a joint ministry venture. Highlighting the similarities in each organization’s mandate, formal talks began, and as of June 1, Augsburg Fortress assumed management of the ABC operations.

As evidence of commonality between the Anglican Church of Canada and ELCIC in the Waterloo Declaration, the partnership between Augsburg Fortress and Anglican Book Centre will now represent one ministry serving both churches.

By providing the best of Anglican and Lutheran resources through a consolidated national order desk, two bookstore locations (Augsburg is located in Kitchener), and a presence at major church events from coast-to-coast, this new partnership will mean sustainability in addition to the quality products and services that congregations have come to expect.

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