Bishop Mom

By Tanya Moxley

How does it feel to be the only two people in Canada who have a “Bishop Mom?” Pretty proud, we must say. It’s an awesome thing, to be elected to a leadership position by your peers.

We are Ruth and Tanya Moxley, the only two people in Canada whose mom is an Anglican bishop in office. Our mom is Sue Moxley, as of today diocesan Bishop-elect of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. She was elected this morning in one ballot. She has been serving our diocese as Suffragan Bishop since March, 2004. We were thrilled and proud then, and now we are again!

Despite lots of people telling us not to worry, that it would all be fine, we were pretty tense this morning, us sisters and our dad. I don’t think dad has been sleeping much for the past few days. There’s no sure thing when the Holy Spirit is “in the house.”. There were a lot of people in the Cathedral today.

Our synod is big and three-quarters of the members were present. Opening worship was really well done, and quickly lead into the synod formalities. Lunch followed the collection of votes for the first ballot, so we had to wait through lunch to find out the results. It was difficult for the three of us to pretend everything was normal, as we munched our way through tomato sandwiches. Mom has been treating the whole thing with great calm, knowing that what will be, will be, and God will do whatever the right thing is that needs to be done.

I guess we’ll have to keep getting used to having to write in Mom’s date book when it’s time for a family dinner. Three to four weeks in advance. Between Ruth’s belly dancing schedule and travel itineraries, family dinner is something of a scheduling challenge.

How are we now, the afternoon after? Better than we were this morning, says my dad. Some Kleenex has been used up. Dinner is being prepared. The beer has been poured. My hands have stopped shaking enough that I can type. Mom says she is breathing better now, in between answering congratulatory phone calls.

Dad is busy cooking. At least they don’t have to move again. Not moving, say Bishop Mom, until the diocese sorts out a development plan for the corner where the bishop houses are. Thank goodness for that. Moving six blocks to become Suffragan Bishop was bad enough, but moving next door would really be the pits.

Our mom is a remarkable person and an extraordinary mom! We have known this for the past 30+ years. She has served God and this diocese with faith, creativity, understanding, patience and a great outlook for the future. Today’s results seem to indicate that lots of other people agree with our completely objective opinion.

Congratulations, Bishop Mom!

Tanya Moxley is Bishop-elect Sue Moxley’s daughter and a member of the Communication and Information Resources Committee.

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