‘Carey remained true to his evangelical origins’

Archbishop Michael Peers comments on retirement of Archbishop of Canterbury

A statement by Archbishop Michael Peers, Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, on the retirement of George Carey, Archbishop of Canterbury

“Throughout his tenure at Canterbury, Archbishop George Carey remained true to his evangelical origins, yet his stewardship never excluded Anglicans of other traditions. He responded with firmness and with a clear view of the role of order in the Church as a means of strengthening its unity in the face of many forces that threatened the communion with schisms: the irregular ordination of bishops, to cite one example. George Carey also brought to the position many fresh initiatives concerning the way the Church of England might be administered, as well as ways to make the Lambeth Conference more inclusive. On a global scale, Archbishop Carey was a clear advocate for peace arising from justice in situations difficult for Christians – especially in Rwanda and Jerusalem. His extensive travels in provinces like Sudan helped make the problems of Christians more audible and visible, both inside and outside that country. We wish a happy retirement both to George and Eileen – where the predations of the hungry press will finally be stilled.”

Archbishop of Canterbury to retire

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