‘The tremendous gift of a God who shows up’

This column was originally published in the December print edition of the Anglican Journal. By William G. Cliff The two thousand year old birth of a refugee child in Bethlehem should make no difference at all. There was no one expecting this child to be born except his mother and embarrassed father. Israel is entirely … Continued

Journeying into Luke: New course at Montreal Dio prepares Anglicans for coming year

Over 80 students gathered this fall to take a journey into the Gospel of Luke, thanks to a new course offered by Montreal Diocesan Theological College. “Luke: A Journey with Jesus” represented a new offering from the college, widely known simply as Montreal Dio. Rather than making students come to traffic-choked downtown Montreal for continuing … Continued

Election of new Bishop of Niagara

There has been an election of coadjutor bishop of Niagara on the fifth ballot. Votes for each candidate in the order of laity and in the order of clergy, respectively: Susan Bell: 95, 47 Robert Fead: 84, 41 Votes needed to be elected: 90 in the order of laity, 45 in the order of clergy … Continued