Celia Hannant

A skilled adult educator with experience in the design and delivery of programs for adult learners, Ms. Hannant “saw the church beyond the church,” said Mr. Gibson. “I don’t think she was happy with the institution, but she was still committed to what it was about.”

In the ’80s, she worked for the church’s World Program department, another predecessor to Partnerships, in various jobs and was instrumental in the organization and launch of the Volunteers in Mission program. Approved by General Synod in 1986, VIM sends Canadian Anglicans overseas for one to two years to volunteer for the church. In 1987, it sent its first volunteer to Japan.

“She laid the foundation for the VIM program,” recalled Mr. Rye. “She did the heavy-duty organizational and structural stuff that had to be done.”

At the same time, she assisted the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada in starting its own Volunteers in Mission program and for some time ran both programs.

She was still heading the VIM program in 1994, when she was laid off in a restructuring of the national church office.

Both during and after her years with the Anglican Church of Canada, she served on the board of management with the Canadian Churches Forum for Global Ministries, an organization that offers orientation and re-entry programs for people involved in cross-cultural missions. Ms. Hannant worked with the forum for more than 10 years, both on its board and personnel committee, said co-ordinator Bob Faris. She brought to the organization her experience with the VIM program and “very good people skills.”

She leaves three children and three grandchildren.

posted by: Leanne Larmondin

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