Continuing education plans make cruellest month less cruel

April may feel like the cruellest month, but its arrival means warmer weather and probably time off are one less calendar-flip away. If these rainy days are driving you to your day planner, you may want to consider how continuing education fits in.

This spring and summer you could do some contemplative canoeing, study the writings of Henri Nouwen, travel to Ireland to learn about Celtic Christianity, or learn how to counsel problem gamblers.

Are you enticed yet? All of these ideas are from CEP Online, the hub for Canadian Anglican continuing education, where clergy and laity can learn about courses and conferences to enhance their ministry. At CEP Online you can search for specific events, or browse by region, institution, and subject.

If you’re clergy in the Anglican Church of Canada, you already have funds available for continuing education. Some lay employees of the church are also registered in CEP, and should contact their employers for details. Find out more about CEP here, and check out the forms here.

Oh, and did we mention you could also learn how to use a labyrinth, train as a chaplain, or eat your way through a theology course?

Happy April, happy planning!

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