Dioceses and parishes to observe National Aboriginal Day of Prayer

On June 21, diocese and parishes across Canada will celebrate and honour the gifts of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples as they observe the National Aboriginal Day of Prayer 2005.

The history of this event began in 1971, when General Synod, the Anglican Church of Canada’s governing body, adopted a resolution declaring June 21 as a “National Indian Day of Prayer,” and requested all dioceses to commend the day to congregations throughout Canada.

In 1995, a national gathering of aboriginal and non-aboriginal people — the Sacred Assembly — met in Hull, Quebec to revive a previous campaign to recognize the contributions of aboriginal peoples to Canada. In 1996, the federal government declared June 21 as the National Aboriginal Day.

June 21 also marks the summer solstice, a sacred day for aboriginals around the world, who see it as a time for renewal and for celebrating their culture and heritage.

The Faith, Worship and Ministry department, in partnership with Indigenous Ministries produced worship resources to help dioceses and parishes in the celebrations. However, these resources are provided not as a common text that needs to be adhered to, but as something that can be shaped, adapted and used when appropriate for celebrations in local communities.

The resources are now available on the Web site: https://www.anglican.ca

People should contact their local diocese and parishes for any planned activities related to the Aboriginal Day of Prayer.

For further information please contact:
Eileen Scully
Anglican Church of Canada
Consultant for Worship and Minsitry,
Faith, Worship and Ministry
Tel: 416-924-9199 ext. 286
Email: [email protected]

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