General Synod 2007: IN PLENARY

Stephen Andrews, elected Prolocutor of General Synod in Winnipeg, has suggested that the In Plenary feature devised to allow people to discuss issues in advance of General Synod, be extended to allow people to debrief following the gathering.

He has submitted the following article.

As before, the ground rules for participating in these discussions are simple. We ask that you be relatively brief, respectful of the views of others and that you state your position using moderate language. You must also provide your name and your place of residence (city or town is adequate.) Your comments will be reviewed before they are posted, and they may be edited.

Contributions that do not meet these criteria will not be posted.


  • Why patience is required yet again
    The Rev. Dr. Stephen Andrews
    President of Thorneloe University and was elected Prolocutor of General Synod in Winnipeg.
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