Justice Camp: Land begins in Edmonton

Justice Camp: Land meets in Edmonton from August 15 to 21, 2014, and brings together an intergenerational cohort from across the country for up close encounters with social justice issues.

Participants will enjoy seven immersion experiences on topics ranging from the relationship between faith and the oil/tar sands, urban responses to systemic poverty, and interreligious perspectives on land and human life. These are complemented by time for biblical reflection, worship, and relationship building. All of which will foster leadership for social justice skills in participants.

Justice Camp began as a grassroots movement within the Anglican Church of Canada. Over the course of a decade, the camp has moved throughout the country and focused on themes including food justice, poverty, and advocacy.

The focus on land is drawn from two sources of wisdom. Judeo-Christian scriptures show a strong connection between land, spirituality, and community. Similarly, wisdom about the deep connection between land and life is found in the spiritual traditions of Aboriginal cultures. Justice Camp seeks to listen to these sacred teachings anew and reflect on what they have to say about life in community in balance with the land and one another.

To find out more about Justice Camp, visit www.justicecamp.ca. You are also welcome to follow Justice Camp on Facebook and by searching for the #justicecamp hashtag on both Facebook and Twitter.

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