New liturgical material brings Earth Day into Good Friday

On April 22, 2011, Good Friday and Earth Day coincide. The Greening Anglican Spaces task group has developed special liturgical material for Anglicans to incorporate themes from the latter into the former.

The Good Friday/Earth Day materials include:

“The reason why we think Good Friday is a good day to talk about this is because essentially we are crucifying the earth and I think the imagery there is quite dynamic,” said the Rev. Kenneth Gray, chair of the Greening Anglican Spaces task group. “We also are quite inspired by John 3:16 where God so loved not only humans but God so loved the world. This is an ideal time to reflect on earth themes along with salvation and offering themes.”

Mr. Gray, an Anglican minister from Victoria, B.C., explained that the task group of 10 volunteers is guided by the resolution on climate change adopted at General Synod 2010. Their work includes developing a database where communities can calculate their carbon usage and receive a rating. These liturgical materials were also mandated by General Synod.

“We are passionate about reducing emissions and specifically we want the entire church to use our facilities more efficiently,” said Mr. Gray. “We think that if we can demonstrate that we are prepared to make sacrifices, to create efficiencies, that this will strengthen our position with government when we ask them to consider changes in national policy.”

Mr. Gray welcomes feedback and inquiries on these liturgical materials and on Greening Anglican Spaces. Contact him by email.

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