People of the Garden

By George Cribbs
Published in the Northland
September 2023

Woman standing in front of raised gardens.
Cathy Millions of St. Matthew’s Cathedral is one of the people who loves to garden at the Diocesan Gardens in South Porcupine.

ON A PLOT OF LAND OWNED by the Diocese of Moosonee and situated between Saint Paul’s Anglican Church in South Porcupine and the rectory for St. Matthew’s Cathedral, one can see a series of eight raised gardens. These raised gardens were originally built by the members of the South Porcupine Lions Club and managed by the Porcupine Horticultural Society.

they were divided into two and thus sixteen people are able to continue their love of gardening every year and eat what they produce.

Under the direction of Catharine Cribbs, the President of the Porcupine Horticultural Society and a parishioner at St. Matthew’s Cathedral, the gardens were given to seniors and other persons who wished to continue gardening. The gardens were built to a height of one meter so that most adults would not need to kneel whilst gardening. Due to the size of the raised gardens,

At the request of Bishop Victoria Matthews, Warden Don Montague and Bert Trudel used their carpentry skills to restore three of the raised gardens which were badly in need of their efforts. The necessary materials were acquired and the work pro- gressed rapidly and completed in time for the eager gardeners to plant their vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

The Diocese of Moosonee has become an active participant in this effort to promote the greening of the earth and to help seniors to exercise more and eat healthily. Establishing community gardens on church lands and reaching out to community groups are ways in which our church can and does support the wider community.

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