Primate supports call for national day of prayer on Oka

September 19, 1990 — The Primate of the Anglican Church has supported a request from Georges Erasmus, National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, for Christian churches to make this Sunday (September 23) a National Day of Prayer.

In a letter to selected parishes and committees, Archbishop Michael Peers asks Anglicans “to uphold the native people of Canada and the people of Quebec in your prayers this Sunday, with particular intention for a just and peaceful resolution to the conflict in Oka.”

The letter also endorses a call from an inter-denominational group of clergy in Chateauguay asking Canadians to display a white ribbon between now and Thanksgiving, “to symbolize our commitment to work for new racial understanding and humanly richer and wiser Canada.” Some church members already have been wearing red arm bands as a symbol of their commitment to work toward justice for Native peoples. The letter suggest people may wish to display both colours.

“I urge you to begin this process of healing with prayer,” Archbishop Peers concludes. “Because of the time constraints, this letter is being sent to a limited group of people. I shall be writing to the larger membership of our church soon to bring these matters to their attention.”

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