Primate's statement on church bombing

What follows is a statement by Archbishop Fred Hiltz, Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada.

In the aftermath of the bombing of a Coptic Church in Alexandria, Egypt, as the congregation celebrated Midnight Mass on Jan. 1, I ask your prayers for the 21 people killed, for those injured and for their families in Egypt and abroad.

With leaders of other churches and faith traditions, I deplore this and similar acts of violence and call for religious tolerance and for preservation of the freedom to worship in accord with traditions cherished by the faithful in God.

I make this appeal trusting that at its heart religion is a force for good and for peace in the world.

In this season when we celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace I ask Canadians to “devote yourselves to prayer,” (Colossians 2:2) in steadfast hope for peace, justice and charity throughout the world.


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