PWRDF responds to Colombia and Sierra Leone

The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund has approved a total of $30,000 for efforts to bring relief aid to thousands of people affected by the earthquake in Columbia and by the civil war in Sierra Leone.

In Columbia, the $15,000 PWRDF donation will be used to provide food, shelter, medicine, clean-up equipment and tools to help the thousands affected by the powerful earthquake that hit Colombiaís mountainous coffee growing region in late January. Some 2,000 died in the disaster and thousands more were injured.

Meanwhile, in Sierra Leone, intense fighting since the beginning of this year has left thousands dead with some 30,000 seeking shelter in the national stadium in the capital Freetown. The Primateís Fund responded with a $15,000 grant to an appeal from the Christian Council of Sierra Leone for food and non-food emergency aid such as high energy rations, plastic sheeting, blankets, clothing, cooking utensils and soap. The aid is for 15,000 women, children and older people displaced by the war who have lost their homes.

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