Read the latest ideas on liturgy in Open

Amy McCreath has organized a “blessings of the backpacks” at the university where she works as chaplain. At the beginning of the school term, students present their tools of learning on the altar steps: their iBooks, their test tubes, and their backpacks full of books. “We gather around it,” she writes, “and each offer our ‘one great hope’ for the year ahead, all raise a hand in blessing and pray together that these tools may help us do work that is part of the work of God.”

Amy McCreath’s article, “Sanctifying time on a college campus—’Ash Wednesday is in the middle of sorority rush,'” is one of the many forward-thinking articles on liturgy in the new online version of Open, a quarterly journal published by the Associated Parishes for Liturgy and Mission (APLM).

APLM is a think tank of Episcopal and Anglican parishes and individuals, primarily North American, who discuss ideas of liturgy, mission, and renewal. Two staff members from the Anglican Church of Canada’s national office serve on the council of APLM: Eileen Scully, consultant for Worship, and Maylanne Maybee, coordinator for Ecojustice.

Other articles in this Fall 2007 issue of Open include “An Anglican/Emerging Church Synthesis,” and “The Shape of Liturgy is the Shape of Mission.” Read the issue here.

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