Resources to act for Zimbabwe and Gaza

Archbishop Fred Hiltz, Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, has urged all Anglicans to act for peace in Zimbabwe and Gaza. In his reflection on the recent Primates’ Meeting (held Feb. 1 to 5 in Alexandria, Egypt), he highlighted the primates’ call to observe Feb. 25, Ash Wednesday, as a day of prayer for Zimbabwe. He also highlighted their call for all governments to pursue a lasting ceasefire in Gaza.

Canadian Anglicans can now take action with these resources:

  • An Ash Wednesday bulletin insert [PDF], with a prayer and intercessions for Zimbabwe
  • A sample letter to the Prime Minister [PDF] urging action on Gaza

There is ongoing political instability in Zimbabwe, and the country’s infrastructure has crumbled. An estimated five million people are hungry, over 80% are unemployed, and many are suffering in a cholera epidemic.
In the Gaza Strip, Palestinians are recovering from a recent three-week Israeli offensive, which killed approximately 1,000 people. There is ongoing instability and conflict in the region, and an estimated half of Gaza’s population is reliant on UN food aid.

In his reflection, Archbishop Hiltz noted that in Alexandria, six of the primates’ 12 sessions were devoted to addressing issues of concern within the world. He also urged action against the ongoing violence in Sudan.

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