Share your joy

Let us now dwell upon the things we have and know that are worthy of celebration. Advent is a time of preparation for the great joy of the birth of Christ. Let us look at the church where we live and contemplate what we have that gives us joy, or solace, or pride. Let us share that joy with each other this Christmas season.

Too often, what we hear about our church deals with crisis, with problems, with being in survival mode.

At the recently concluded round of meetings of committees and boards, it became evident to me that members of the church actually have a great deal to celebrate.

As one who attends several of these meetings, I was struck by a deep hunger for celebration and for good news. I was struck by how tired Canadian Anglicans are of hearing stories of crisis and bad news when they know in their hearts that this is only part of the whole truth.

People who gathered for these meetings had stories aplenty that demonstrate that the Anglican Church remains a vibrant, giving, nurturing church and that good news stories are there for the sharing.

It’s just that we don’t tend to share the good news, perhaps because we think it is not important, or perhaps because we don’t have a way of telling fellow Anglicans about the joy and the solace that is there.

Well, here is a place to do it. Here. This web site: and our new site

The General Synod website wants to hear from you and about the good things that you have to celebrate about your church. Think small. Think about moments. Think about beauty and generosity and sharing in the love of Christ. Share with us what being church means to you and where you find happiness or solace in the church.

Send your stories to us at [email protected] and in the next month, we will share your insights and your joy with your fellow Anglicans by posting your contributions to

This website wants to hear from you.

Vianney (Sam) Carriere is director of communications for the Anglican Church of Canada.

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