Statement of the Episcopal Church of Cuba on U.S.-Cuba relations

The following is a statement from the Episcopal Church of Cuba released December 17, 2014, concerning the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States of America.

Translated into English. Original Spanish attached as a PDF.

La Habana, 17 diciembre, 2014.


For the Cuban people, this day constitutes a day of great significance for their future. The steps that today have been taken between the governments of Cuba and the United States, in announcing the reestablishment of diplomatic relations, and as part of that proceeding to release the three Cuban compatriots and the American citizen Alan Gross, among others, show that dialogue and a stance of mutual understanding and respect in the midst of differences are basic elements in the relationships among governments and peoples.

We thank God for their return, all of them, to the bosom of their families and their countries and for the events that end the breaking of relationship and create great opportunities for understanding and respect in that relationship. We thank God for the bridges of hope that churches in the United States and in Cuba have affirmed for decades, even in moments of political difficulty. Especially we thank God for The Episcopal Church (TEC) that, through different strategies, such as travel, exchanges, and the presentation of official resolutions, has accompanied our church and therefore our people.

We ask God that his Holy Spirit guide the governments of both countries in wise decisions. May he illuminate these new times and challenges that have come to the Cuban people. May this same Spirit help us, even in our differences, to weave concord among the two peoples and affirm our commitment to the truth, justice, and peace that come from the immeasurable love of the triune God.

Christmas, which we are preparing to celebrate, is the project of love incarnate that becomes real in the context of the present. Jesus was born so that reconciliation and peace could enter and fill the lives of women and men, of families and communities, of peoples and nations. May the light of Christmas be a fountain of blessing for both our peoples.

Rev. Alfredo Nuño
President, Standing Committee

+Ulises Agüero
Suffragan Bishop

+Griselda Delgado
Diocesan Bishop   

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