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Collects detailed and reliable data about the parish, to help with strategic planning, finding a new rector, or stewardship campaigns. Surveys all members over 16 years old who have been active in the last year. Breaks down priorities according to different sub-groups (infrequent attenders, frequent attenders, attends more often than 3 years ago, attends less often than 3 years ago). Gives data on theological perspective, flexibility (eg. ability to adapt to new contexts such as more families), hospitality, morale, conflict management, governance (the degree to which the decision-making structure is open to input from members), spiritual vitality, and more (including worship and music). This data allows parish leaders to set priorities.

Basic orientation (eg. organization development, catechetical, or missional)

Congregational Development

Primarily designed to be implemented by (eg lay or ordained; diocesan staff)

Rector and wardens; parish council.


Depends on size of parish; likely between USD $415 to $515

Facilitator requirements

Needs a facilitator trained by Holy Cow Consulting, the developers of the CAT.

Denominational orientation (eg. Anglican or other)

Non-denominational US resource. Language can be adapted to reflect Anglican terminology (eg. rector rather than pastor). Developed by Russ Crabtree (Holy Cow Consulting).

Broader context (eg. rural or urban; size of parish)

A formal data gathering instrument, it is likely less appropriate for small parishes (fewer than 50 average Sunday attendance).

Ease of replication (eg. how easy would it be to start this in a new place?)

Easy. The only challenge would be to find a local facilitator or the funds for a facilitator from Holy Cow consulting.

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Reviewed: May 25, 2016