This is an alphabetical list of resources produced or endorsed by the Anglican Church of Canada.

  • Anglican Military Ordinariate
    Learn about the ministry of Anglican military chaplains, who serve members of the Canadian Forces in Canada and overseas.
  • Continuing education
    Search the course database and learn more about the Continuing Education Plan, which provides resources for the continuing education of clergy and lay employees of the Anglican Church of Canada.
  • Find a church
    Search our directory to find an Anglican parish near you.
  • Handbook
    Consult the General Synod handbook for information about canons, the constitution, and regulations related to the governance of steering committees.
  • Job listings
    View or post available positions in the Anglican Church of Canada.
  • Newsletters
    Learn about and subscribe to email news lists maintained by the Anglican Church of Canada.
  • Prayer Books
    Download the Book of Alternative Services, the Book of Common prayer, and supplementary resources.
  • Residential schools
    Explore the legacy of Indian residential schools run by the Anglican Church of Canada at various times between 1820 and 1969.
  • Virtual Church School
    Access downloadable weekly Sunday School lessons in English and French, written by Fiona Brownlee, communications officer for the Council of the North.
  • Vision 2019
    Learn about the Anglican Church of Canada’s strategic plan, adopted at General Synod 2010.