The Anglican Church of Canada
80 Hayden Street
Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 3G2

416-924-9192 (switchboard)
416-924-9199 (to dial an extension)

Fax Numbers:

  • Anglican Journal Circulation 416-925-8811 (fax)
  • Anglican Journal Editorial 416-921-4452 (fax)
  • Indigenous Ministries 416-969-9797 (fax)
  • Primate’s Office 416-924-0211 (fax)
  • All other departments 416-968-7983 (fax)

Please Note:


Mr. Randy Anstey, ext. 312, email
Accountant, Financial Management and Administration


Ms. Marsha Bailey, ext. 313, email
Controller, Financial Management and Administration

Ms. Lisa Barry, ext. 295, email
Senior Producer, Anglican Video, Communications and Information Resources

Ms. Fe Bautista, ext. 245, email
Circulation Database Clerk, Communications and Information Resources; Anglican Journal

Ms. Becky Boucher, ext. 236, email
Production Manager, Anglican Video, Communications and Information Resources

Mr. Brian Bukowski, ext. 340, email
Manager, Web, Communications and Information Resources


Ms. Shannon Cottrell, ext. 334, email
Executive Secretary for Governance, General Secretary’s Office


Ms. Emily De Lucia, ext. 327, email
Accounts Receivable Coordinator, Financial Management and Administration

Ms. Josie De Lucia, ext. 294, email
Travel and Event Planner, General Secretary’s Office

The Rev. Canon Virginia “Ginny” Doctor, ext. 626, email
Indigenous Ministries Coordinator, Indigenous Ministries

The Rev. Jesse Dymond, ext 329, email
Online Community Coordinator,  Communications and Information Resources


Ms. Marlina Farales, ext. 336, email
Database Clerk, Anglican Journal

The Ven. Paul Feheley, ext. 277 , email
Principal Secretary to the Primate

Mr. Tali Folkins, ext. 303, email
Staff Writer, Anglican Journal

Mr. Andre Forget, ext. 284, email
Staff Writer and Social Media Lead, Anglican Journal


Mr. Matt Gardner, ext. 263, email
Corporate Communicator for the Anglican Church of Canada

The Rev. Laurette Gauthier Glasgow, email
Special Advisor for Government Relations, General Secretary’s Office

Ms. Hanna Goschy, ext 304, email
Treasurer and CFO, Financial Management and Administration

Ms. Susan Graham Walker, ext. 268 email
Stewardship Ministry Associate, Resources for Mission


Sister Margaret Hayward, ext. 296, email
Program Assistant, General Secretary’s Office

The Most Rev. Fred Hiltzemail

Ms. Nancy Hurn, ext. 279, email
Archivist, General Secretary’s Office



Mr. Nolan John, ext. 353, email
Network Specialist, Financial Management and Administration


Ms. Meghan Kilty, ext. 230, email
Director, Communications and Information Resources

Ms. Sandra Kitson
Manager, Human Resources, General Secretary’s Office


Ms. Grace Lança, ext. 326, email
Database Administrator, Resources for Mission

Ms. Susan Legault, ext. 364, email
Interim Manager, Human Resources, General Secretary’s Office

Mr. Dayjan Lesmond, ext. 242, email
Administrative Assistant to Faith, Worship and Ministry and Communications


The Rt. Rev. Mark MacDonald, ext. 625, email
National Indigenous Anglican Bishop

Ms. Betty Maharaj, ext. 0, email

Ms. Teresa Mandricks, ext. 247, email
Program Associate , Secretariat of the National Indigenous Anglican Bishop

Dr. Andrea Mann, (604) 366-1954, email
Director, Global Relations

The Rev. Canon Dr. Isaac Kawuki Mukasa, ext. 209, email
Africa Relations Coordinator, Global Relations

Ms. Claudia Alvarez-Vega Munoz, ext. 270, email
Program Associate, Global Relations

Ms. Beverley Murphy, ext. 241, email
Senior Manager, Communications and Information Resources; Anglican Journal

Mr. Rob Murphy, ext. 342, email
Facilities Assistant, Financial Management and Administration

Ms. Jo Mutch, ext. 288, email
Administrative Associate, Primate’s Office


Ms. Laurel Parson, ext. 278, email
Assistant Archivist, Archives, General Secretary’s Office


Ms. Hama Ramsumair, ext. 361, email
Payroll Administrator/Accountant, Financial Management and Administration

Ms. Amy Rebeiz, ext. 235, email
Program Associate, Anglican Fund for Healing and Reconciliation, General Secretary’s Office

Ms. Mirella Ross, ext. 259, email
Circulation Assistant, Anglican Journal

Ms. Saskia Rowley, ext. 305, email
Manager, Graphics and Print Production, Communications and Information Resources
Art Director, Anglican Journal


The Rev. Dr. Eileen Scully, ext. 286, email
Director, Faith, Worship, and Ministry

Ms. Marites (Tess) Sison, ext. 357, email
Editor, Anglican Journal


Ms. Janet Thomas, ext. 311, email
Assistant to the Editor, Anglican Journal

The Ven. Dr. Michael Thompson, ext. 280, email
General Secretary

Ms. Jane Thornton, ext. 243, email
Production Coordinator, Communications and Information Resources


Mr. Patrick Wall, ext. 342, email
Facilities Assistant, Financial Management and Administration

Ms. Esther Wesley, ext. 202, email
Coordinator, Anglican Fund for Healing and Reconciliation, General Secretary’s Office

Dr. Ryan Weston, ext. 229, email
Lead Animator, Public Witness for Social and Ecological Justice