This project had its genesis in the stressful early weeks of pandemic lockdown, in which disorientation and sudden strangeness were in the air we breathed. So, too, was an atmospheric grief, which took hold in different ways as we started to realize what it was that we had lost. At the same time as others were grappling with decisions about how to do online worship, and how to make the spiritual adjustments with no (or restricted) celebrations of the eucharist, Eileen Scully was trying to process the acute sense of loss by focussing on the gift and necessity of lament. This epilogue takes us back to some of those foundational losses and unpacks the ways in which lament as a personal and as a communal practice has a healing quality of re-ordering and re-grounding us in God in intimate ways. Along with the collections of specific psalms, this longer paper is in some ways a summation of the spiritual yearning and frustration – along with the abiding faith and loving witness of discipleship—that runs through the papers in this collection.