Primate reflects on WCC Assembly

For nine days in February, almost 700 delegates from 348 member churches gathered in Porto Alegre, Brazil, for the 9th Assembly of the World Council of Churches. Among them were 12 Anglicans from Canada, including the Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, Archbishop Andrew Hutchison.

In a new segment of +Andrew: Conversations with the Primate posted to the General Synod website, Archbishop Hutchison reflects on several key themes of the assembly, on the relevance of the WCC and on the participation on young people.

The Conversation is in a new multimedia format inaugurated earlier this year, which features several short clips focusing on specific aspects of the WCC Assembly. +Andrew:  Conversations with the Primate is a communications tools Archbishop Hutchison uses to speak to Canadian Anglicans in an informal way through the internet and to solicit comments and feedback from viewers.

One clip in the new Conversation features an analysis by Kendra Hastie, a PWRDF youth representative from the dioceses of Huron and Toronto, who comments on a protest by young people taking the WCC to task for falling short of a target of 25 per cent of delegates being young people.

The theme of the 9th Assembly was God, in your grace, transform the world. In the final clip of the multimedia presentation, Archbishop Hutchison asks viewers several questions around the theme of transformation and invites them to respond to him by emailing at [email protected].

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