A starting place

How does one make sense of an organization’s identity? Broad experience might do it, but you can’t start there. Read what the group has to say about itself and its work? As Anglicans we have been remarkably silent about our ministry. Many Anglicans don’t know about the work of their own church.

The Information Resources department of the Anglican Church of Canada works to change that.

One piece of this work is the publication of MinistryMatters whose mandate is to provide “resources, information and articles to inspire you and support you in your ministry.” While the main focus is on supporting Anglicans in ministry, it also does a good job of showing Anglicanism through action.

To coincide with this spring’s General Synod, MinistryMatters has produced a special issue called Faces & Ministries that highlights the work of the national church office. While this in no way describes the whole of Anglican ministry, I commend it to you as a starting place on your exploration of Anglicanism or as a way to find out what the Anglican Church does at the national and international level.

The spring edition highlights the decade of solidarity with women, the decade of evangelism, discusses Third World debt, youth in the church, music, and shares the letters of overseas volunteers. (Spring issue available on-line April 27).

Both magazines are part of the Spring Ministry Mailer, which is being mailed this week to the regular subscription list and to new members of General

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