A theology of philanthropy for our church

How can we move from a theology of scarcity to a theology of philanthropy? In the latest General Synod web forum post, Executive Director of Philanthropy Dr. Holland Hendrix explains how his department has been working to move the Anglican Church of Canada in this direction. His vision is of “a theology that is mission-driven and that inspires Canadian Anglicans to give gladly as a faithful expression of their Christian vocation.”

Read the full article and offer your input. What would a theology of philanthropy look like in your church?

From June 3 to 11 more than 300 delegates will gather in Halifax, N.S. for General Synod, which is held once every three years. The “Setting Sail: Conversations before General Synod” web forum is a place to discuss the major topics that will arise at General Synod—from strategic planning to sexuality. New articles will be posted every one to two weeks leading up to General Synod.

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