Solange De Santis SASKIA ROWLEY

Anglican Journal writer named editor of Episcopal Life Media

Solange De Santis, a staff writer at the Anglican Journal, has been named editor of Episcopal Life Media, an integrated system of web, print, and broadcast communication for the Episcopal Church of the United States. As editor, Ms. De Santis will plan and shape online and in-print content, and will provide editorial leadership for the Episcopal Life monthly newspaper.

Solange De Santis  SASKIA ROWLEY
Solange De Santis SASKIA ROWLEY

Ms. De Santis is a native New Yorker who moved to Canada in 1986 as a news editor for Reuters. She has worked at the Wall Street Journal, the Globe and Mail, the Associated Press, and NBC News, among others. Her 1999 book Life on the Line: One Woman’s Tale of Work, Sweat and Surival was a finalist for the National Business Book Award.

“She will be missed,” wrote Vianney (Sam) Carriere, General Synod’s Director of Communications, in an email announcement to Anglican Church of Canada staff. “Solange has been a ferocious defender of the newspaper’s independence and a dogged pursuer not only of truth, but of truth in detail. A newspaper could not ask for a better ethic or in one who has that ethic, for better service. It has been said that the mission of the journalist is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. Solange has exemplified that principle in a truly remarkable way.”

Ms. De Santis began working at the Anglican Journal in 2000. She cited the Journal’s “extraordinary” breadth of coverage and quality as a high point. “I’ve been through three editors and three colleagues, but the vision and quality of this newspaper never flagged,” she said in an interview. “It’s not only a tribute to the quality of leadership the Journal attracts, but also to the church’s acceptance of an editorially independent newspaper.”

Ms. De Santis currently lives in Milton, Ont. with her daughter, Florence De Santis Peters. She will begin her new position in New York City on July 1, 2008.

Keith Knight, appointed interim editor of the Journal following the resignation of Leanne Larmondin, will officially start in that capacity on July 2.

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