Bishop expects "unprecedented recognition" for Indigenous ministries

In the latest post on the General Synod web forum, National Indigenous Anglican Bishop Mark MacDonald explains what’s at stake for Indigenous Peoples at the Anglican Church of Canada’s upcoming national meeting, General Synod, to be held June 3 to 11 in Halifax, N.S.

“It would be hard to overstate the significance of General Synod 2010,” writes Bishop MacDonald. “A number of initiatives will be introduced that, if accepted, will frame Indigenous Ministries for many years to come.” He traces the development of Indigenous Ministries from the 2001 New Agape covenant to today, when new governance structures are on the table.

Curious about specifics? You are invited to visit the web forum, where you can also post comments and join the conversation.

Over 300 delegates will gather in June for General Synod, which is held once every three years. The “Setting Sail: Conversations before General Synod” web forum is a place to discuss the major topics that will arise at General Synod-from governance to sexuality. New articles will be posted approximately every two weeks leading up to General Synod.

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