A call for prayer from the office of the National Indigenous Anglican Bishop

The Rev. Canon John Floberg, Presiding Priest on the Standing Rock territory issued a call for 100 clergy to come and stand with the Water Protectors; to pray and give witness to the Gospel at Standing Rock. They are trying to stop an oil pipeline that runs close to their territory and has already disrupted ancient burial grounds. A leak in the pipeline, and this is certainly possible, threatens clean water not only for Standing Rock but for all near the Missouri River and its tributaries. As of today, over 400 clergy are traveling to Standing Rock, among them is Bishop Mark. We ask you to join with us in prayer with special intention for the clergy gathering tomorrow. Pray that good minds will prevail and that all will be safe. Pray with sage, sweet grass, cedar, tobacco or whatever you use in your prayers. Pray this prayer, written by the Rev. Brandon Mauai, Dakota Sioux from Standing Rock:

Creator of all things living. On these lands of our people, our relatives and family, we ask you to be present. On these lands of our ancestors, we ask for your guidance. On these lands of our future generations, we ask for your protection. In all the chaos, humble our hearts and calm our minds. Draw us nearer to you, and build us up to stand in the shadows cast upon us. Strengthen us mentally, so that we might never scare. Strengthen us physically, so that we might stand for however long, to fight the good fight without waiver. Cast your breath upon us, and breathe our people back to life. Centuries have now passed, and now we stand – For all ages, races, and living creatures. Now we stand, for All Life.  This we ask, humbly and with humility, in your name. Amen.

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