Give a gift for mission today

As of today, with a couple of clicks, you can support the mission of the church through the new, online Gifts for Mission gift guide. Dozens of different gifts are available. You can support a national youth ministry forum, fund the work of northern clergy, give hot lunches in Haiti, and much more.

Hot lunches for Haitian students are one of the items you can give through Gifts for Mission.
Hot lunches for Haitian students are one of the items you can give through Gifts for Mission.

The 2011 gift guide reflects the vibrant ministries of General Synod as well as its partners: the Anglican Foundation and the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF). Produced by the Resources for Mission department, Gifts for Mission builds on the success of the first guide in 2010 and responds to those who would like to expand their gift giving, including more items for children.

Easy and meaningful
Last year, the gift guide helped unlock the generosity of many Anglicans across Canada.

In Calgary, Bishop Derek Hoskin found the gift guide to be an easy and meaningful way to do Christmas shopping.

Not only did he help promote the gift guide in the Diocese of Calgary, but he used it for his own Christmas gifts, where he enjoyed matching people with their passions. For his wife, a nurse, Bishop Hoskin supported a PWRDF health program. His grandchildren received gifts relating to children’s feeding programs and education.

“From a personal point of view it’s nice to be able to sit in one place and shop,” he laughed. “Often I have in the past I have found myself trundling around the stores on Christmas Eve looking for something.”

On a more serious note, he said he sees this gift guide as a way to give “a double gift”:

“It’s a gift to this person on my gift list who I want to remember at Christmas, but it’s also a gift to somebody else in the world who is going to benefit from this project.”

Over in Pictou, N.S., Patricia Shea and her 14-member Sunday school enjoyed learning about generosity through the gift guide. They raised money through a yard sale and were pleased to find this Anglican-specific gift guide where they could share their bounty with others.

“I think it’s useful because it’s kid friendly,” said Ms. Shea. “The kids actually knew what they could do here to help less fortunate people.”

Their process was collaborative. Older students read through the gift items while younger ones learned from the pictures. Together they talked about which gifts would make the most impact. They chose a variety from around the world.

For Archdeacon Bruce Myers in Quebec City, Que., the gift guide was an easy way to learn about and give to national ministries. Last year he flipped through the gift guide and picked out several items that reflected his values.

“I found it quite conducive to being generous,” said Mr. Myers. “They’re very manageable amounts that are suggested for a particular item, and such a wide variety too.”

Guide focuses on mission
The gift guide’s focus on mission reflects the national church’s commitment to the Marks of Mission, five key ministry themes used throughout the Anglican Communion.

“We felt the change in title to ‘Gifts for Mission’ was essential” said Vianney (Sam) Carriere, director of Resources for Mission and Communications and Information Resources for the Anglican Church of Canada.

“It reflects the shift towards mission that we are detecting and encouraging across the whole church. We are guided by the Marks of Mission and by the knowledge that everything we do is and must be in loving service of God’s mission.”

Print copies of Gifts for Mission were inserted into the September issue of the Anglican Journal and additional copies can be ordered free of charge online. Parish leaders can order more free copies in bulk to share with their congregation.

When giving online, people can also send e-cards, print PDF cards, or request print cards to sign and send to loved ones.

For more information about Gifts for Mission or to order copies for your group or parish, contact Michelle Hauser, manager of annual giving, Resources for Mission, by email or phone: (416) 924-9199 ext. 326.

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