Gordon Beardy, Bishop of Keewatin: Absolution of the Anglican Church of Canada

Before I say the dismissal, I would like to say to the Primate, not as a bishop of the Anglican Church, but as an Anishnawbe who went to a residential school: from my heart, I would like to say that I forgive you and I want to forgive your church which has become my church.

I forgive your people who have become my people.

I accept your apology because you have worked so hard to break down the barriers. Where things that were condemned before, today you receive them with joy. Where once we were outsiders, today we are with you, as a friend, as a leader, as a brother. So, I extend my hand.

My children will hear what I said. My grandchildren will hear. For it is in forgiving that we can find peace and it is in rebuilding that we will become strong again as nations.

The Lord be with you. Let us depart in peace.

Waterloo, Ontario
July 9, 2001

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