Grants available for interfaith collaboration

Echoing principles laid out in the Marks of Mission, the Anglican Foundation of Canada (AFC) is offering five one-time grants of $10,000 each for new community service or outreach projects that involve interfaith collaboration. Requests for proposals are due Sept. 1, 2015.

The grants are part of a new tradition for the Foundation, which beginning in 2014 pledged to set aside $50,000 each year to encourage and fund innovative ministry-related projects through a request-for-proposals process.

This year’s interfaith focus is designed to meet human need through loving service. Projects eligible for the grant will be new initiatives undertaken in 2016 that involve collaboration between Anglicans and individuals or groups from at least one religion other than Christianity.

Each project requires the endorsement of a diocesan bishop in the Anglican Church of Canada. Proposals submitted in response to the request do not count as one of the three submissions each diocese is allowed per year.

Following the deadline for submissions on Sept. 1, the AFC board of directors will review proposals in November 2015 and announce the recipients of the grants in early December.

For more information, visit the Anglican Foundation of Canada website.

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