Info! Here it comes!

Q: What’s green and orange, and chock full of Canadian Anglican news?

A: The new email newsletter from the national office, Info! News from General Synod

Today the first brightly coloured edition of Info! is arriving in email inboxes across Canada. The newsletter will inform readers about what’s going on at General Synod, including

  • New resources online
  • News from departments
  • Continuing Education opportunities for church leaders
  • Upcoming events
  • Who’s been travelling where

We hope this newsletter will be useful and interesting to Canadian Anglicans and we encourage you to read it, email it out, and post it on church bulletin boards—in short, get the word out.

And because the newsletter reflects your work, the work of the Anglican Church of Canada, we want to hear your thoughts on this new resource.

You are already signed up for the newsletter if your church’s email address is in our central database, if you’re a bishop, or if you’re on a national committee.

If you are not on those lists and would like to sign up for Info! click here.

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