Join the big conversation before the big meeting

General Synod, the national meeting of the Anglican Church of Canada, is a big deal. It happens only once every three years. Over 300 delegates attend. Major decisions are made about the future of the church. General Synod 2010 is set to happen in Halifax, N.S. from June 3 to 11, 2010, and already Canadian Anglicans are kicking off the conversations online.

A specialized web forum has been set up for Canadian Anglicans to learn about and discuss the meeting’s major topics. Called “Setting Sail: Conversations before General Synod 2010,” this forum will feature articles on all the hot topics—Indigenous Ministries, human sexuality, governance changes, and more.

“Setting Sail” is only a conversation if you post your comments. So the General Synod Planning Committee invites you to read the articles, which will run every two weeks or so, and then note your thoughts and questions below. This will be a moderated forum that aims to hear a wide range of respectful voices.

Already Canon Barbara Burrows, the chair of the General Synod Planning Committee has written an introduction to the General Synod forum. She describes the upcoming meeting in Halifax and introduces the theme, “Feeling the Winds of God: charting a new course.”

Be part of the prelude to this big meeting. Pray, learn the facts, and add your voice to these General Synod conversations.

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