One small step for the Resource Centre

She only moved about three metres, but Annie Kakooza still wants you to be able to find her.

The co-ordinator of the national church’s Resource Centre recently packed up her 530 video titles and 161 print resources and moved just one office east within the Jarvis Street building. But although it is only one door beyond the Church House lobby, Ms. Kakooza doesn’t want the Resource Centre to seem any less accessible to visitors.

(The centre used to be across from the reception desk at Church House.)

The move is due to cramped quarters for the accounting department, which for too long had been in a space meant for far fewer people. When it elected to annex Ms. Kakooza’s space next door, the Resource Centre was bumped into a computer training room next to it.

Ms. Kakooza says the new space might be a smidge smaller than her previous quarters, but it is still enough room to display her various wares, which include all print, video and audio resources produced by the Anglican Church of Canada, plus many produced outside Church House, for example by inter-church coalitions.

Most of the resources Ms. Kakooza lends out are for parish use. Particularly popular lately have been:

  • Bible study resources, especially during Lent;
  • Chains of Debt, a Jubilee video developed by Christian Aid in the U.K. which addresses debt forgiveness;
  • and a new series of videos called Spiritual Homepage. The series, designed for young people, discusses themes like forgiveness using song and movie clips — “rather than talking heads,” says Ms. Kakooza, who provides consultation to those seeking resources. She encourages parishes to contact her so she can give advice on what resources they would find useful.

The Resource Centre gets a lot of word of mouth advertising and has viewing facilities so borrowers can preview videos and print materials before they take them home to use in their parishes. If visitors or callers are interested in buying resources rather than borrowing them, Ms. Kakooza can provide distributors’ information.

Ms. Kakooza can be reached at (416) 924-9199 ext. 317, or [email protected].

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