Paul Gibson

Paul Gibson, former General Synod liturgical officer, passes away

As a church, we mourn the passing of a dear colleague and friend, the Rev. Dr. Paul Gibson, who died January 14, 2022, after a long battle with Parkinson’s Disease.

Lord, let your servant go in peace: your promises have been fulfilled;
your saving power has been displayed before the face of all the world.
My eyes have seen salvation’s dawn: the Sun of life ascending bright;
Your people’s glory evermore, the nations’ everlasting light.

—Paul Gibson, Common Praise #266

Paul’s contributions to the Church are vast and numerous. The following was part of the announcement of his being awarded the Companion of the Worship Arts award in 2016:

As the leading force behind the development of the Book of Alternative Services, from its inception through its completion, distribution, and use, the Rev. Gibson is widely recognized as one of the most influential figures in transforming the worship life of the Anglican Church of Canada—influencing generations of Anglican leaders, preachers, musicians, and worshippers from coast to coast to coast through his commitment to liturgical renewal and reform. As a member of the Hymn Book Task Force, the Rev. Gibson helped develop Common Praise for the Anglican Church of Canada, channelling his passion and energy into a dynamic tool for engaging worshippers in their experience of God through poetry, hymnody, music, and art.

Through his work as a teacher, scholar, university chaplain, chief liturgical officer for the Anglican Church of Canada, and liturgical coordinator for the Anglican Consultative Council, the Rev. Gibson left an indelible impact on the worship patterns of Canadian and international Anglicans and Christians. By coordinating the best talent and scholarship in the Anglican Church of Canada and drawing upon the ecumenical work of the liturgical movement, the Rev. Gibson produced foundational texts that have shaped the belief of Anglicans for more than 30 years, offering new ways of worship and prayer that nevertheless remain consistent with the church’s heritage. His work and dedication embody and have equipped many to experience and fulfill the Anglican ethos of lex orandi, lex credendi—as we pray, so we believe.

An obituary is available on the website of Cardinal Funeral Homes.

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