Person by Person, Parish by Parish: 2007 Narrative Budget available

A publication that presents General Synod’s 2007 budget in layman’s words and in narrative form is now available for viewing on the web and for download in PDF format.

Entitled Person by Person, Parish by Parish, the 2007 Narrative Budget includes an introduction by General Synod Treasurer Peter Blachford that reviews church finances in the recent past and describes possible challenges that may lie ahead.

The resource, produced by the departments of Financial Management and Information Resources, includes capsule descriptions of the work done by each General Synod department and summaries of the financial resources made available to them.

It also describes the different ways in which contributions can be made to the ministries of General Synod.

Mr. Blachford said that he would like the 2007 Narrative Budget distributed as widely as possible. Printed copies will be sent to all dioceses.

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