Rediscover the Webcast

You are invited to visit the Episcopal Church in Cuba with Archbishop Andrew Hutchison, the Canadian Primate, as the Primate’s Webcast,  +Andrew: Conversations with the Primate, is relaunched in a new format.

The goal behind the redesign was to make Archbishop Hutchison’s conversations with members of the Canadian church more interactive and more appropriate to the internet.

“The webcast until now has featured the Primate speaking directly to members of the church, but in a format more appropriate to television than the internet,” said Vianney (Sam) Carriere, Director of Communications for General Synod. “The new format presents livelier and more diverse information, and puts viewers in the driver’s seat in terms of what clips they want to see and in what order.”

The new format, produced by Anglican Video and General Synod’s website team, combines video, graphics, photography and text to make the viewing experience richer and more engaging, Mr. Carriere added.

Archbishop Hutchison visited the church in Cuba earlier this month, accompanied by a Canadian delegation that included his wife, Lois, Archdeacon Michael Pollesel, the new General Secretary, and Canon Philip Wadham, Partnership’s mission coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean. The Canadian church has a historic relationship with the church in Cuba and the Primate traditionally chairs the Metropolitan Council of Cuba, which helps to oversee the church’s affairs.

The visit was Canon Wadham’s last official trip to Cuba before his retirement in April, and the webcast includes an audio-visual reflection by him.

The production, entitled With +Andrew in Cuba, will be posted to the Anglican General Synod website ( Friday morning.

The new format maintains one of the fundamental elements of the old – an invitation to viewers to respond to the Primate by emailing him at [email protected].

For more information, please contact Vianney (Sam) Carriere, Director of Communications, 416-924-9199, ext 306

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