A Response to the Statement from the House of Bishops, February 2016

To the Rt. Rev. Don Phillips, Secretary of the House of Bishops

The Council of General Synod acknowledges receipt of the statement from the Special Meeting in February 2016. We appreciate the bishops’ integrity in communicating to the Council.

We share their concern that the report, This Holy Estate, has not been more widely engaged with across the church. We look to our bishops to ensure that members of their diocese, especially delegates to General Synod 2016, have read and engaged the report.

In their statement, they wrote that they wondered if a legislative process is “the most helpful way of dealing with these matters”. The Council has also considered other options. If a legislative solution were not the best way to proceed on this question, we would ask the House of Bishops for some concrete examples of other options.

They expressed a desire to “explore other options for honouring and fully embracing committed, faithful same-sex relationships”. We would welcome concrete examples.

We share their commitment “to achieving the greatest pastoral generosity possible.” We ask the bishops for some concrete examples. For example, if a local option is the way forward, will the House be prepared to live with and honour the choices of individual dioceses?

We continue to pray for the work of the House of Bishops and ask that they continue to uphold the Council of General Synod, and those who are delegates to General Synod 2016 in their prayers.

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