Three new resources on stewardship and the Framework

The new year brings with it the publication of three important new resources that are available as downloads from the Web or by order from General Synod Communications. These are:

Gifts and Works: A Narrative Budget for General Synod, 2005
Like regular budgets, a narrative budget contains some summary figures, but the emphasis is on a prose description of where the money to fund the work and ministry of the Anglican Church of Canada comes from and on how it is spent. Where does the Partnerships portion of General Synod’s budget go? How is Faith, Worship and Ministry’s share spent? How much does it cost to have a Primate and how is that money spent?The answers, in layman’s language, are in Gifts and Works.

The last narrative budget was produced in 2003 and was one of the year’s most popular resources.

Find out, in plain English, how the money you give to the church is spent.

…Envision a church…
The plan that General Synod approved to guide the work and mission of the church for the next six years is entitled Serving the World, Strengthening the Church: A Framework for a common journey in Christ.

… Envision a church … is an attractive, reader-friendly booklet that summarizes the key points contained in the longer document.

The winter, 2005, edition of MinistryMatters, which is being mailed in January, is a special edition on Stewardship and Fundraising.

The edition contains an overview on stewardship by Archbishop Andrew Hutchison, the Primate, as well as a series of articles on each of the church’s major find-raising initiatives. The idea is to explain how each initiative differs from the others and what kind of work each pays for.

MinistryMatters is distributed free of charge to clergy and lay leaders across the country. A small number of extra copies will be available on request.

Gifts and Works…Envision a church… and MinistryMatters are available for viewing on the Web, or may be ordered from: Josie De Lucia, General Synod Communications, 80 Hayden Street, Toronto ON, M4Y 3G2; tel. 416 924 9199 ext. 294;[email protected]

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