Vision 2019: Your turn to tell your story

Now it’s your turn. It’s your turn to tell the leaders and the planners of the Anglican Church of Canada what you want your church to be.

This is Vision 2019—a church-wide survey, a kind of virtual listening tour where every Canadian Anglican’s voice will be heard, and, we promise, listened to and appreciated. You—Canadian Anglicans—are invited to discern, dream, and decide where you think God calls your church to be in 2019. What road must we travel to get there?

From coast to coast to coast, you are all invited to chime in on a two-part question, “Where is your church now, and where do you think the Anglican Church of Canada should be in 2019?” Think big and be creative. Responses can be sent in as videos, letters, or even voice mail.

This second part of Vision 2019 is called “Tell us your story.” What does the church mean to you? What does it mean to be to be part of it? How does the Anglican Church meet your spiritual needs and where does it fall short? When things seem wrong, how can they be changed? Where they are good, and how can they be made even better, livelier, more responsive to living God’s will? From now until Oct. 1, Canadian Anglicans can submit their thoughts to the national office. The results will be analyzed and presented at General Synod 2010.

The project was launched Feb. 4 with the release of a downloadable mission study called “Engaging in God’s Mission.”The six-session study is organized around the Five Marks of Mission, mission priorities used widely throughout the Anglican Communion. Each session includes scripture, a theological reflection, discussion questions, and a story from an Anglican partner.

You are invited to use the Five Marks of Mission and the mission study as a launching pad. As well, you may be inspired by a collection of video stories that share how General Synod’s work lives out the Five Marks of Mission.

The possibilities for your participation in Vision 2019 are endless. We want to hear about your community, your local church, your theology, your worship, your passions, your dreams, your nightmares. Think big about the Anglican Church of Canada: Where do you think God wants it to be?

You are invited to reflect, to work and to speak. This is our promise to you: You will be heard.

Archbishop Fred Hiltz, the Primate, has said that “Vision 2019 is an opportunity to say, ‘here’s what I think our church needs to be about.” Let’s hear from you-in whatever way you wish to talk to us.

For more information, email the Vision 2019 team.

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