Anglican bookstore expands distribution list

The Anglican Book Centre is increasing its distribution list by forming new partnerships with publishers in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Entering into partnerships with the other publishers, “enhances ABC’s ability to serve both the Anglican Church and the wider Christian community,” said ABC Manager Daniel Benson.

The new publishers include Eagle Publications, The Alban Institute, Hendrickson Publishers and Cowley Publications.

They mainly deal in congregational resources, theological reflections and academic biblical books.

By introducing these distinguished publishers to Canadian readers, “we hope to provide a broader selection of resources and inspirational Christian reading to help meet the spiritual needs of Christians of every stripe,” said Mr. Benson.

ABC, as it is commonly known, is a leading bookstore in the Anglican Communion, publishing prayer books, hymnbooks, resources and trade books rooted in the Canadian tradition. Its publishing program is complemented by a large selection of Christian reading material on a wide breadth of topics, as well as by extensive offerings in church goods, liturgical vestments and gifts.

However extending the distribution list means extra business, said Mr. Benson. “It gives us better arrangements to bring books that are of value to our Canadian customers,” he said.

Some of the publishers can already be found on the ABC website.

For further information please contact:
ABC Bookstore
80 Hayden Street
Toronto, Onatrio, M4Y 3G2
Tel:416 924-1332 toll free (in Canada) 1-800-268-1168
Email:[email protected]

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