Anglican Communion Ecumenical Director appointed

The Revd Canon John L. Peterson, Secretary General of the Anglican Communion announced today that the Revd Gregory Kenneth Cameron, during the last two and a half years Chaplain to Dr Rowan Williams when he was Archbishop of Wales, has been appointed the Director of Ecumenical Affairs and Studies in the Anglican Communion Office in succession to the Rt Revd David Hamid who was consecrated in October as the Suffragan Bishop in Europe.

Born in 1959, Gregory was ordained deacon in 1983 and priested the following year in the Church in Wales. He served in parish ministry in the Diocese of Monmouth for five years, before taking up an educational chaplaincy (Wycliffe College, Stonehouse, 1988-1994). He then was Director of a British charity, The Bloxham Project, working with Spirituality and Christian Education in Britain (1994-2000), where he undertook a national role in speaking, teaching and training teachers on issues of Spirituality and Christian Education. In 2000 he became Chaplain to the Archbishop of Wales.

Gregory read Jurisprudence at the University of Oxford and Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Cambridge, holding MA’s from both Universities. He also holds a Master in Philosophy from the University of Wales in Christian Doctrine and a Master of Laws in Canon Law.

He also has been Tutor in Old Testament Studies, St Michael’s College, Llandaff and is currently an honorary Research Fellow, Centre for Law and Religion, Cardiff University, teaching Anglican and Roman Catholic Canon Law. He is also a member of the Colloquium of Anglican and Roman Catholic Canonists which meets annually.

In the 80s Gregory served on the Ecumenical Sector of the Church in Wales. He and his wife, Clare, have three sons.

Upon hearing of his appointment Gregory commented: “It is an enormous challenge to take on this work on behalf of the 38 provinces of the Anglican Communion. In an age when it is truly possible for the various world-wide Christian traditions to be one global family, I believe that the churches cannot ignore the imperative laid upon them by Our Lord to be united in witness to the fullness of life found in him, and experienced in such diversity and richness by the Christian faithful across the globe.”

He added “it is a privilege to work alongside the leaders of the Anglican Communion and my colleagues at the Anglican Communion Office in serving the Church in this way, and I hope that I can be as faithful and successful in my work as my predecessor David Hamid.”

The Revd Canon John L. Peterson said, “I am delighted to be able to appoint Gregory today as the new Ecumenical Officer in the Anglican Communion Office. Gregory will bring wisdom to his office and I know he will be a worthy successor to Bishop David Hamid and Bishop John Baycroft who has served so well during the interregnum.”

Bishop John Baycroft said, “I welcome Gregory’s appointment as successor to Bishop Hamid and I have enjoyed working in this extremely important effort for the Church’s Mission. I know Gregory inherits an exciting responsibility.”

The Revd Canon Jonathan Gough, the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Officer for Ecumenism said, “I am very glad to hear of Gregory’s appointment. This is an exciting and demanding ministry, with many significant opportunities at present, and I look forward to working closely with him.”

The appointment will be effective 1 April 2003.

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