Anglican Covenant study now available

The Anglican Church of Canada has released a study guide to help parishes and dioceses consider the Anglican Covenant, a document that, if adopted, would define the relations among the provinces of the Anglican Communion. The material was prepared by the Anglican Communion Working Group, chaired by Bishop George Bruce.

In an introductory video, the Primate, Archbishop Fred Hiltz, commends the study guide for use in parishes, diocesan councils or synods, the House of Bishops, and the Council of General Synod.

“I have no doubt that as you enter into these circles of conversations and make use of these materials that you will find them helpful,” he said. “Your discussions I expect will be lively, spirited, and I know, fruitful.”

The “Exploring the Anglican Covenant” study guide offers relevant resources to host a discussion, including

  • Tips for planners and facilitators
  • Outlines for group study sessions
  • The text of the Covenant
  • Frequently asked questions

Supplementary resources are also available online, including the Primate’s video, a PowerPoint presentation on the origins of the Covenant, and an online evaluation form.

The Anglican Church of Canada committed to develop these materials, gather feedback, and prepare a resolution for General Synod 2013 that would state the church’s official response. Other Anglican Communion provinces are working through similar processes of consideration and some have already made final decisions.

If you have feedback or questions about the study, please email the Anglican Communion Working Group.

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