Anglican Journal editor resigns

Anglican Journal editor Leanne Larmondin has announced her resignation effective June 13, 2008. Ms. Larmondin served General Synod in three roles over 15 years, first as staff writer for the Journal, then as web manager, where she helped launch In 2002, she began as editor of the award-winning Journal, the largest circulation religious publication in Canada.

Leanne Larmondin, Editor of the Anglican Journal, will leave General Synod on June 13, 2008, after 15 years of service. SASKIA ROWLEY
Leanne Larmondin, Editor of the Anglican Journal, will leave General Synod on June 13, 2008, after 15 years of service. SASKIA ROWLEY

“Fifteen years on I’ve learned a lot about the church, myself, and how the church’s media work,” said Ms. Larmondin in an interview. “At this point I feel like I’ve accomplished enough that I want to move on and see what’s next in my life.” Her immediate plans are not defined, but she expects to pursue more media work, in newspapers, magazines or new media.

When asked about particular memories of her work, Ms. Larmondin named the intensity of national General Synod gatherings, particularly the 2007 event, where Journal staff produced a popular daily paper for delegates. She has also enjoyed expanding the Journal’s website and experimenting with different story forms to “keep the newspaper fresh, so it’s not just columns of type.”

The Anglican Journal won many awards during Ms. Larmondin’s editorship. In 2007, it won 18 awards, including the best-in-class award for national and international newspapers in the North American-wide Associated Church Press. Ms. Larmondin also oversaw the Journal’s most successful fundraising campaigns in a 15-year history.

She hopes that the Anglican Journal will continue its unique presence as an editorially independent publication. “I think it’s a really healthy thing,” she said. “I hope that people will appreciate what they have in a newspaper that is free to communicate to the constituency about what is really happening at the church—the good, the bad, the hopeful, the less-than-hopeful—just an honest picture.”

Vianney (Sam) Carriere, Director of Communications and Information Resources, announced her resignation to General Synod staff with “mixed feelings.” He wrote, “Leanne’s service to the Church and to the Communications Department has been exemplary…she will leave an impressive legacy. As editor, to borrow an overused phrase, Leanne took the Journal to the ‘next level’ and her contributions will be with us for a long, long time.”

Ms. Larmondin has a Journalism degree from Carleton University and has volunteered extensively in her field, including as board member of the Associated Church Press, North America’s oldest religious press organization. She lives in Mississauga with her husband Gerard Foster and her daughters, Molly (10) and Simone (8).

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