Barbara Liotscos to leave Church House

Barbara Liotscos, consultant for ministry and worship in the Faith Worship and Ministry Department of General Synod has been appointed Executive Assistant to the Archbishop of British Columbia and Yukon, and Archdeacon of the Diocese of Kootenay. She will leave Church House in October and work out of the Diocese of Kootenay office in Kelowna, B.C.

Ms. Liotscos was ordained in the Diocese of New Westminster and has served at Grace Church, Prince George, and Church of Cleopas, Kamloops. She has lectured at Huron College and been a chaplain at St. Mildred’s Lightboun School in Oakville. In 1998, she obtained a Masters of Theology degree from Trinity College and began work at Church House.

Alyson Barnett-Cowan, Director of Faith, Worship, and Ministry highlighted three major projects that Ms. Liotscos has worked on at Church House. This past year, she has been consulting in each ecclesiastical province on the future of liturgy after 2001. She has also studied standards for theological education for ordained ministry, and has worked on standards for the training and deployment of vocational deacons.

Ms. Barnett-Cowan said that Ms. Liotscos will be able to work with Faith, Worship and Ministry committee volunteers and staff in September to help shape recommendations for General Synod.
In addition to her consulting work with Faith, Worship, and Ministry, Ms. Liotscos has participated in events concerning Aboriginal cultural awareness and education.

Her husband, Gordon Light, will continue as principal secretary to Archbishop Michael Peers, the Primate, but will join his wife in Kootenay in the near future.

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